Lindy Dekker's Equibalance services

The Tellington TTouch allows you to help your animals overcome behaviour challenges and health issues while deepening the bond you share with them.

Lindy Dekker uses the Tellington TTouch in her work with animals. This gentle, non-invasive therapy is deceptively simple to use. Lindy believes that working quietly and slowly with her animal clients gives the best results. Breaking tasks into small, manageable steps is the best way to build respect and trust.

She believes that what sets this method apart is that it gives animals coping skills, allowing them to become self reliant – then it doesn't matter what life throws at them they aren't dependent on us for a positive outcome.

Travelling across South Africa allows Lindy to teach and inspire clients during her clinics, giving them a taste of the work. Participants leave with enough information and skills to build a relationship of trust and respect with their own animals.


About Lindy

Lindy is a Certified TTouch Practitioner for Companion Animals (CA P3) and a Certified TTEAM Instructor for horses. 

She has completed the COAPE CO3: Think Cat course dealing with cat behaviour – offered by ThinkingPets.

She organises the TTEAM practitioner trainings and also teaches TTOUCH clinics. 

Lindy offers private consultations for HORSES and COMPANION ANIMALS. This means she gets to travel to all sorts of interesting places!

Lindy lives in Kyalami with her husband and four legged family.
TTouch for DOGS
If you've attended a CLIENT SESSION or WORKSHOP with Lindy, you can leave your comments here. Your experiences provide help and encouragement for others.